Create, launch and control educational activities, such as puzzles, text exercises or associations, with the aid of this Java-based set of applications.

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JClic Description

Computers have been involved in education for many years. Countless institutions from across the globe deploy PCs as a tool for education because of its potential and versatility. If you want to create or just run educational programs and exercises on a computer, you should try specialized tools, such as JClic.

Basic interface, yet easy to operate

This set of applications is designed to aid in the process of creating, running and monitoring fun activities that have educational value. With the help of JClic Author, you are able to build puzzles, word and picture association exercises, crosswords, questionnaires and more. You can fully personalize your creations with options to write the names of the authors, the schools where the exercises are ran, the primary languages used and even the revision numbers together with comments.

Opening the activities is done with the player, simply named JClic. Its main window runs the exercises, while providing instructions, the ability to advance to the next step or go back to the previous one, as well as restart the activity. Moreover, it displays the score, the number of tries and a timer. All of these tools allow the educator to control the student’s workflow.

Keep track of the progress made within the exercises

JClic Reports is another useful tool designed to gather and display data generated by the use of the activities. It centralizes the scores, attempts and time achieved by the students, allowing the teacher to inspect the state of the user base. It gathers the information by means of an integrated web server and the results can be seen in a browser.

Create, execute and monitor educational activities

JClic might not be easy to deploy straight away, but once you are up and running and you familiarize yourself with the documentation available on the developer’s website, you can take advantage of the potential the suite offers.

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