MobileVaults Companion

The desktop counterpart of the MobileVaults Windows Phone app that can be used to easily retrieve passwords in the smartphone vault.

  • MobileVaults Companion
  • Version :1.1.0
  • License :Freeware
  • OS :Windows All
  • Publisher :MobileVaults, LLC

Download Now(32 bit)

Download Now(32 bit)

MobileVaults Companion Description

MobileVaults Companion is the desktop counterpart of the MobileVaults Windows Phone password manager that enables your Windows computer to pair with the mobile device. With its help you can connect to the encrypted password vault that the mobile app creates and easily retrieve passwords.

Quick install and straightforward usage

The deployment process is a breeze, but if the installer fails to load you should try running it as administrator. The MobileVaults service runs in the background, ready to detect paired up devices, while the system tray shortcut enables you to manage connections and backups.

Right-clicking on the tray icon reveals a menu where you can access a complete list of the paired devices to view their status, name and phone model. You can unpair a device with just a click if you want to. Please note that there is no need for your computer and your handheld device to be in the same Wi-Fi network, as the smartphone will automatically connect to the PC when in range.

Create vault backups and send passwords to the clipboard

Once paired up with a Windows Phone device, MobileVaults Companion enables you to create backups of the password database in a local folder. You can configure the mobile app to automatically perform daily backups and access the data copied from the vault via the right-click menu of the tray application. The connection that MobileVaults Companion sets up with the Windows Phone app is encrypted, so data transfers are secure.

A great thing about MobileVaults Companion and its mobile counterpart is that it enables web browsers and other programs on your PC to communicate with the password vault stored on the mobile device so as to retrieve passwords and usernames by using the clipboard.

Retrieve passwords from your phone’s encrypted vault

Used together with the Windows Phone app, MobileVaults Companion becomes a good way to store your passwords in a secure place, manage them easier and retrieve them when needed with just a few taps or clicks.

It is easy to deploy and pairing up the devices is done without a hassle. In an instant, your computer can access the encrypted password database to send a password to its clipboard and paste it in a dedicated field, without you having to remember so many login keys.

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