Connect your mobile device to the computer via WiFi so you can easily issue calls and sent text messages with the help of this application.

  • CallCenter
  • Version :5.6
  • License :Freeware
  • OS :Windows All
  • Publisher :JustRemotePhone

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CallCenter Description

With mobile phones being able to connect to the Internet via wireless networks, communication possibilities are almost limitless. A computer can also be included in the list of tools that enhance communication or make it possible, with dedicated tools like CallCenter that enable you to issue phone calls from the comfort of your desktop.

Connect the device with its IP

The application gets deployed on your computer in no time. However, in order to fully be able to take advantage of its features, a key component, Remote Phone Call needs to be installed on your mobile device.

Right from the start, the settings menu is brought up so you can configure connections and be ready to make phone calls. Both you computer and device need to be connected to the Internet to make this possible, with the IP address required from your phone.

Clever hotkey integration

In addition, a few hotkeys can be customized from the same window for extra comfort. You can set custom keys for dialing clipboard content, accept incoming calls or terminate one.

Once the connection is established, phone contacts are imported into the main window. You can easily search for contacts to call with the help of a dedicated field. What’s more, text conversations become easier with the possibility to use the computer for phone functions.

The settings menu can easily be accessed any time you want to adjust options or even add another device. These are stored in a small list to which you can add more or remove existing ones.

A few last words

Taking everything into consideration, we can say that CallCenter provides an easy to use solution to get in touch with various mobile devices. The setup process is done quickly, with the only requirement to install the mobile counterpart.

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