A complex and intuitive application aimed to provide you with the ability to scheduling and monitoring the progress of business projects.

  • mo-ps
  • Version :1.01.2426
  • License :Trial
  • OS :Windows All
  • Publisher :mommos-software

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mo-ps Description

mo-ps is a comprehensive and reliable software solution that was developed to provide project managers with a simple method of scheduling and tracking the progress of a multiple-stage assignment, making sure it gets completed in due time.

Clear-cut and well-structured appearance

The application features a fairly classic user interface, resorting to several panels, in which the information is organized, in order to keep tasks in a proper hierarchy.

The main window allows you to create and add projects, subprojects and tasks, letting you assign specific entries to employees, with just a few quick mouse moves.

Effortlessly schedule project tasks and monitor their progress

mo-ps requires you to deal with four main aspects of scheduling, so you need to define your ‘Tasks’, ‘Resources’, ‘Dependencies’ and ‘Calendars’, to ensure the successful completion of the project at hand.

The ‘Tasks’ can be of several types, for instance ‘Simple’, ‘Group’, ‘Milestone’ and ‘Resource’, varying in complexity and duration in accordance with the amount of child tasks. All these are displayed in a diagram, in the main window, to indicate not only their hierarchy, but also their position on the ‘Calendar’.

‘Resources’ can be both employees and systems or machines which will be assigned tasks to solve. The addition of a new ‘Resource’ requires you to specify some details, such as name, cost per hour, entry date and others.

As for ‘Dependencies’, these can be found between two or more interrelated tasks, whose execution depends on another’s completion. The ‘Calendar’ assists you in determining the day-by-day progress of your project, according to the coupled duration of the comprised assignments.

A complex project scheduler

To conclude, mo-ps is an efficient and easy to handle program that can assist you in carefully staging the completion of a project, setting a gradual progress and execution of tasks, by taking into account both the available resources and the time you have at your disposal.

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