A1 Website Analyzer

A useful program that lets you to extract structure data from websites into XML, CSV etc files, in order to help you raise your rank in the results of search engines.

  • A1 Website Analyzer
  • Version : 8.1.0 Update #1
  • License :Trial
  • OS :Windows All
  • Publisher :Micro-Sys

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A1 Website Analyzer Description

A1 Website Analyzer is a powerful software solution developed to help you analyze and create reports based on the analysis of a website.

The interface with which A1 Website Analyzer greets you isn’t all that user-friendly at first. There is just so much in front of you that it makes your eyes run around. The cause for that isn’t a bad GUI design, but rather an abundance of functions and features that the application offers, which actually is a good thing.

A1 Website Analyzer gives you the chance to switch the interface to a ‘Simplified easy mode’ in which you just enter the website address, click the scan button and the application starts to gather listed pages and analyzes content. The application itself runs fast but the time it takes to run a full scan solely depends on the size of the website.

No matter if you use the default or simplified versions, the application still allows you to inspect anchor text, check for broken links, analyzes internal links, optimizes bandwidth usage, stress test web servers and catalog links as canonical, nofollow, robots or noindex.

A1 Website Analyzer provides a substantial amount of information after a scan is complete. You get to view core data such as response code, estimated change frequency, content type, character set and toggle various types of crawler state flags. The application allows you to view the source code for the page and shows you any errors that are found in relation to the Word Wide Web Consortium.

The application also offers you the chance to analyze and extract keyword use throughout the website. You can analyze active addresses and raw text input and generate a detailed table that contains the count and percentage values for any given word.

In closing, A1 Website Analyzer offers you great deal of information about any website that you can use for SEO.

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