Mini Manifestor

Provide pictures plus names for the Witness and Trend fields, then start your manifesto, in this simple radionics-based application.

  • Mini Manifestor
  • Version :4.2
  • License :Freeware
  • OS :Windows All
  • Publisher :Kieron Waterman

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Mini Manifestor Description

Mini Manifestor is built and works based on the principles of the radionics science. The application can generate the manifesto process that translates in the rapid alternation of two images, namely the Witness and the Trend. Each of these two entities can also be assigned specific names and colors.

A digital appliance of the science of radionics

Mini Manifestor is based on the principles of radionics, a form of alternative medicine that is claimed to treat diseases with energy waves similar to radio signals.

The science is based on identifying a person’s faulty energy frequencies and treat them with complementary waves. However, the terms of ‘energy’ and ‘frequency’ feature a different meaning than the standard ones in physics or biology.

Mini Manifestor is designed as a simulator of the effects of a radionic device, which is used in the healing processes. The program is rather lightweight, easy to install and its interface is straightforward.

Set the Witness and Trend pictures, then start the manifesto

Mini Manifestor features two fields, named Witness respectively Trend, which can easily be customized by assigning images, colors and names to them. Each field features a set of three boxes, which are automatically filled with apparently random numbers when you click on the corresponding image.

These two fields are then engaged in a manifesto, or, in other words, a rapid alternation of the images, names and numbers. You can start and stop the manifesto at any time by operating the designated buttons.

Easy to use application

Mini Manifestor is rather straightforward and allows you to change the names, colors, images of the Witness and Trend at any time. Their names can be replaced by short descriptions and the supported image formats include JPG, BMP, PNG, GIF, TGA, PaintBrush files (in PCX format) or even video for windows files (AVI).

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