View AFPDS and AFP print files with the help of this streamlined and user-friendly reader that also enables you to convert pages to many different formats.

  • AFPviewer
  • Version :2.51
  • License :Freeware
  • OS :Windows All
  • Publisher :CompulsiveCode

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AFPviewer Description

Not the must popular file types, the AFP (short for Advanced Function Presentation) is a printer associated format that offers you more control over the editing and managing process.

APF viewer that comes with a streamlined and intuitive interface

AFPviewer is a simple and efficient piece of software designed to help you view and analyze AFP and AFPDS files.

The utility comes with a streamlined interface that is mostly based on the actual reading panel and a simple menu bar from where you can access the app’s main features.

Some important facts that you should be aware of include: the tool does not fully support outline fonts, 2D barcodes or Cubic Bezier Curves, hatches and other symbols.

More than just an AFP viewer

This said, despite its name, the program is not only a viewer, but it can also help you convert pages from your AFP files to various formats, namely PDF, PNG, JPG, TIF, FIG and BMP.

You can also perform quick word or expression searches within your loaded AFP files, extract resource objects for interrogation and apply specific spot color to simulate the results.

Moreover, AFPviewer makes it possible for you to extract the resource of certain objects for either interrogation purposes or other print tasks.

In addition, you are also provided with an efficient selection tool that helps you perform measurements, as well as copy text and images. Furthermore, you can use the app as a comparison tool, as it can load two documents side-by-side.

Straightforward viewer for Advanced Function Presentation files

Taking all of the above into consideration, AFPviewer is a lightweight and small app that offers all the necessary tools for analyzing advanced function presentation files.

While it does not enable you to modify the actual content of your AFP files, AFPviewer makes it simple for you to convert and extract elements from them.

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