Let your creativity flow and draw anything that passes through your head using various brush sizes and layers with this software solution.

  • Milton
  • Version : 1.4.2
  • License :MIT License
  • OS :Windows All
  • Publisher :Sergio Gonzalez

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Milton Description

Milton is a lightweight piece of software designed for users who are looking for a plain simple canvas that enables them to express their creativity and draw anything they want.

Comes with a minimalistic and intuitive interface

The setup is quick, straightforward and does not require any further configuration, as you can start painting as soon as you launch the application. The program comes with a user-friendly interface and, considering that it displays the panels with the brushes, colors and layers, it is unlikely that you can encounter any challenges.

In spite of the fact that the app allows you to save the canvas you have been working on, you can only do so in an MLT format. It is worth mentioning that saving is an optional function, as the tool automatically saves the canvas every once in a while.

In the eventuality that you intend to use the images with other projects, then you should consider using the export function. As a side note, the utility requires you to select the area that you want to export, so you can store only the portions of the drawing you can use or are satisfied with. The app allows you to export to PNG and JPEG file formats.

Allows you to customize the brush sizes

Since the application is designed to provide you a clean and simple environment for you to paint in, you should know that it lacks in terms of settings. To be more precise, you can select the preferred colors from the dedicated panel, add layers to your composition and interchange them as you need, select the adequate brush size and include an eraser.

It would have been useful if the program included some extra features, such as shapes, rotate, crop or blending the colors. On the other hand, thanks to the layer system, the latter option is not vital for the functionality of the program.

A simple tool designed for users who enjoy painting

All in all, if you enjoy painting, but do not prefer a fancy tool that enables tweaking and going through dozens of advanced settings, then perhaps Milton is the utility to try out.

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