Perfect for those who like to be up-to-date capturing and recording video and audio from all over the world and from any sources.

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1AVCenter Description

1AVCenter bundles a generous collection of utilities ready to meet all your needs related to multimedia file handling. It is a complete audio and video tool set that covers a diversity of functions, such as video capturing and recording, screenshot taking, webcam monitoring, audio recording, file sharing, broadcasting and a lot more.

Easy to get used to

Despite this meld of features, working with the application is not difficult at all. All the options are one-click away within the main window and since each one has a assigned number and a customizable description, remembering them should be easy as you get acquainted with 1AVCenter.

Moreover, you can use the ‘Quick Start Wizard’ at the beginning to learn about all the tools you have at hand.

Audio-video capturing, recording and broadcasting

1AVCenter features preview functionality, enabling you to take a look at your desktop, if this is the selected video source.

It can capture screenshots of the entire screen, record videos of the screen activity with or without sound or capture microphone input. Output files can be easily sent via e-mail or uploaded to a FTP server.

One of its most interesting functions enables it to record online videos as you watch them in your browser or a media player and save them to the computer. It can also play the role of a surveillance agent, enabling you to monitor the computer activity and the webcam so as to keep an eye on your computer at all times. In addition to this, it allows real-time video or audio broadcasting.

All-in-one multimedia center

1AVCenter brings a mixture of functions that build up a comprehensive media center with multiple uses. Whether you want to capture the screen, monitor the PC activity or record videos / music, you can do it all with 1AVCenter. Its simple approach and the variety of functions it offers make it a practical and useful tool to any user.

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