Microsoft VirtualEarth Hybrid Downloader

A lightweight and easy-to-use application that can help you download Microsoft VirtualEarth hybrid images, as well as analyze and combine maps.

  • Microsoft VirtualEarth Hybrid Downloader
  • Version :7.93
  • License :Trial
  • OS :Windows All
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Microsoft VirtualEarth Hybrid Downloader Description

Microsoft VirtualEarth Hybrid Downloader is an application whose purpose is to download map images from Microsoft VirtualEarth, exactly as it is suggested by its name.

The user interface is clean and simple, and offers quick access to the dedicated parameters that need to be configured before downloading the map images.

You are required to provide a name for the current project, to choose a directory, and input the left and right longitude, together with the top and bottom latitude. Furthermore, you can specify the zoom level, as well as the threads count.

The application offers you the possibility of setting up a user-defined profile that can be used each time you want to download images by specifying the directory, zoom level, threads count, and you can also change Internet settings. The map images are saved to the BMP file format.

Moreover, the program features a built-in option that can help you convert degrees, minutes and seconds to degrees. You can directly access the plain text document which contains the log details, view the map in a dedicated window and toggle the full screen mode, as well as combine maps into a single BMP photo.

You may also download a single image from Microsoft VirtualEarth to JPG file format, provided that you have specified the zoom level and coordinates, and selected the directory.

Microsoft VirtualEarth Hybrid Downloader keeps a log with the details about the downloading process, as well as possible errors.

To sum things up, Microsoft VirtualEarth manages to download a map image pretty quickly and without consuming a large amount of system resources. It’s easy to work with, and even rookies can make the most out of each single built-in feature.

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