Microsoft VirtualEarth Map Downloader

Download VirtualEarth map images based on a set of coordinates, analyze their contents and combine maps, with this straightforward utility.

  • Microsoft VirtualEarth Map Downloader
  • Version :7.93
  • License :Trial
  • OS :Windows All
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Microsoft VirtualEarth Map Downloader Description

Microsoft VirtualEarth Map Downloader has the purpose of downloading map images from Microsoft VirtualEarth, exactly as its name implies. It is not feature-rich but easy to work with, regardless of the user’s skill level.

The app is wrapped in a common interface with a well-defined layout. After writing the name of the project and establishing its saving directory, you are free to input the left and right longitude, together with the top and bottom latitude.

The map images may also be enhanced if you specify the zoom level. Furthermore, you can write the threads count and view log details, on the bottom part of the window.

Additional options are available, thus allowing you to use a proxy server and type in the required details, set the sleep time (in seconds) and mention the default values for the zoom level and thread count, along with the default output directory.

Moreover, you can use a tool to convert degrees, minutes and seconds to degrees, directly access the plain text document with the log details, view the map in a secondary window (with the option to switch to full screen mode), combine maps to form one image (BMP), as well as download a single image from Microsoft VirtualEarth.

The application has a user manual available through the Help menu, is very responsive to commands, and swiftly downloads a map while consuming a low amount of system resources. Microsoft VirtualEarth did not cause us any issues during our evaluation, as far as hanging, crashing and error notifications go. Given the nature of its simple features, the app should be easy enough to deal with.

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