Microsoft Band Sync app for Windows

Keep track of your weight loss progress and learn where you stand compared to other Microsoft Band users that share similar goals with you.

  • Microsoft Band Sync app for Windows
  • Version :1.3.20913.1
  • License :Freeware
  • OS :Windows All
  • Publisher :Microsoft

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Microsoft Band Sync app for Windows Description

If you have decided to engage in a weight loss program that combines a balanced mix of healthy meals and workouts, then we do not need to tell you more that your current efforts are going to be well-rewarded with long-term results.

Microsoft Band Sync app for Windows is an application specially designed for Microsoft Band that enables you to store your daily progress in the cloud and compare it with your goals. Therefore, you can determine whether you need to take it down a notch or step up your game with your fitness program.

Includes standard and web-based GUIs

First off, you should know that you require to have the Microsoft Band device and log in into your account in order to use the application. Once you connect the gadget via the USB cable, you are ready to synchronize the data to the cloud.

In addition to the standard UI, the program includes a web-based dashboard that displays a wide variety of details regarding your goals, steps you established, progress, activities and the calories that you lose based on the workouts you perform.

Helps you keep track of your fitness goals

It is important to note that the application provides you with comprehensive data regarding each activity you engage in. In fact, you can set daily or weekly steps and general goals that you can easily track by accessing the Home section of the dashboard.

A further noteworthy function is the workout planner, a feature that enables you to create full exercise sessions with warmup and cooldown routines included. The utility can also help you stay motivated and focused on your goals, as it includes comparisons with categories of users similar to yours as well as a personal bests section.

A handy tool for anyone using the Microsoft Band

If you are using the Microsoft Band as your primary aid during workouts, then Microsoft Band Sync app for Windows enables you to keep track of your fitness or weight loss progress so that you can get closer to your goals.

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