Markdown Office for Windows 10

Collaborate and edit documents with the help of this streamlined tool that bundles handy Markdown editing tools and smoothly integrates with your Google Drive account.

  • Markdown Office for Windows 10
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Markdown Office for Windows 10 Description

Markdown Office for Windows 10 is a modern-looking and fairly useful piece of software that allows you, among other things, to collaborate on and edit documents with your team members in real-time.

Since it’s a Microsoft Store app, the whole installation process unfolds before you without requiring any type of intervention. The first thing you should know is the fact that this app integrates fairly well with your Google Drive account.

User-friendly app for collaborative document editing that uses your Google credentials

That said, to get started, log in using your official Google credentials and provide the app with the appropriate clearance by entering the instantly-generated code.

As expected, the interface is modern and stylish, with a clean and intuitive layout that allows you to get accustomed with the app quite swiftly. Of course, you should start off by adding an already existing channel (if that’s the case) or by creating a new one and, if you fancy, add a description, a thumbnail and, obviously, share the contents with various users.

Bundles accessible Markdown, collaboration and presentation tools

Basically, all the shared documents can be viewed or edited using Markdown by all invited users. There’s also a Board function that makes things feel even easier for you by helping you better organize notes by categories or status.

In addition, Markdown Office for Windows 10 comes with support for Google Drive comments, and it can also provide you with a sort of Wikipedia-like style of managing your documents. Last but not least, you can view all your documents using the smart preview and slideshow features, or even export them to PDF if that suits your workflow better.

Probably the easiest way to edit shared documents using Markdown

All in all, if your team’s workflow usually revolves around Google Drive and you need a distraction-free way of editing documents together, then Markdown Office for Windows 10 is definitely worthy of your attention.

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