A simple to use Microsoft PowerPoint add-in that facilitates the creation of professional presentations, by offering you multiple drawing tools.

  • FastChange-Toolbar
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FastChange-Toolbar Description

FastChange-Toolbar is a comprehensive Microsoft PowerPoint add-in that enables you to create attractive presentations, by offering you multiple customization tools, at close hand. The add-in rearranges the icons in the command ribbon in PowerPoint and adds several extra functions to facilitate drawing, reshaping, aligning or inserting photos.

Automatize often used functions

FastChange-Toolbar allows you to create shortcuts to adding several elements to your presentation sheet. Often used pictures, logos, current date, company names and headers are just a few examples of the elements that you can easily insert in the presentation. Simply attach these functions to a button on the ribbon, then insert the boxes in the sheet with one click.

The add-in can rearrange the icons in the ribbon so that you can view and directly access them. Moreover, it can add several extra functions, such as automatically send email to the selected address from a text box or select equally colored lines. Additionally, you may customize headers and footers from the Master options window.

Create professional looking presentations in a short time

Aside from inserting multiple functions in the basic view ribbon, FastChange-Toolbar also offers extra options that facilitate adding and arranging graphic elements in a slide. You can easily select all the objects and lines of the same color, crop a photo based on a particular shape or remodel the existing shapes.

While basic text editing functions are maintained in the first tab, FastChange-Toolbar places them at close hand. Moreover, it allows you to customize the texts by inserting bullets, formatting the paragraphs, adding custom colors, gradients and textures. Additionally, it automatizes the insertion of page numbers and evolution indicators.

All the tools of creation at close hand

FastChange-Toolbar creates a new tab in PowerPoint that contains most of the basic text editing functions, but also many other customization options. With the add-in, you can easily insert images, crop them according to preset shapes, draw elements or add stamps. Arranging the elements on the slide is also made easy thanks to the guiding lines that indicate the aligning with other objects.

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