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Navigate Google Maps without using a web browser and place marks or pins to highlight important locations using this application.

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Map Marker Description

The Internet is filled with all sort of applications and programs that you could use in order to manage your files. One of them is Map Marker.

It’s a lightweight application that connects to Google Maps and allows you to pinpoint various locations on the map. It sports a simple graphical interface with some nice options at the top of the screen and the map in the center.

Simple and clean user interface

The application doesn’t come with a clogged user interface, all options are neatly displayed at the top of the screen and it opens with the Google Map in the center.

You will need constant Internet connection, so Map Maker can connect to Google Maps servers and fetch the information. It even displays the latitude and longitude of each location, which is quite nice but you can’t copy coordinates.

Pinpoint various locations on the map

It comes with a search bar that allows you to type in the name of the location that you would like to search but it doesn’t seem to work, not even after you’ve marked certain locations. It comes with the option to pick from multiple colors for markers, but they are only available in full-screen view.

Still, you can choose from lots of marker styles, including for restaurants, golf courts, coffee shops and hospitals. It would have been nice if the application came with some more marker types.

More features and tools

You can pick from multiple shadows and the markers menu displays how many markers you’ve pinpointed on the map. Map and satellite view with terrain are available.

When you’re done pinpointing locations on the map, you can view a print preview before you actually print the map. All in all, Map Marker is a very useful application for pinpointing various locations on the map.

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