With this comprehensive and reliable software solution, you can easily manage your genealogy data so as to generate reports and graphical trees.

  • Ahnenblatt
  • Version :2.97a
  • License :Freeware
  • OS :Windows All
  • Publisher :Dirk Bottcher

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Ahnenblatt Description

Recently, there has been a sharp increase in the general public’s interest in genealogy trees. Users eager to trace their heritage have multiple tools at their disposal, both online and offline. This boom in dedicated programs has meant that applications have steadily increased in power and efficiency.

Create the family’s ancestry tree

In this respect, one can say that Ahnenblatt is not a newcomer to the scene. With constant development since 2001, the application has had ample time to improve on its weaknesses. As for the current version, one can briefly describe the program as a comprehensive genealogy recorder, which can be employed to track the family ancestry as far deep as the user has information.

In this respect, it should be noted that all the data has to be inserted by users. The application has no access to an external database laden with ancestry information. As most users already know, tracing back one’s genealogy involves a lot of investigative field work.

Import and export GEDCOM documents

That being said, the program does allow one to import work from GEDCOM and even CSV documents. The tool features a very clean interface, allowing users to focus on the actual genealogy tree. This object features as many entries as users have information, and stores detailed data on all members of the family.

What’s more, one can even add custom notes and pictures, besides the usual fields such as date of birth, occupation or siblings names. Based on the input data, the application automatically links items together and, once satisfied with their work, users can export the project to HTML, XML, GEDCOM and even Windows help formats.

The utility allows users to create their own comprehensive genealogy trees

All things considered, Ahnenblatt is a great tool for anyone interested in recording and analyzing their family’s history.

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