MacroToolbar Standard Edition

An easy-to-use and efficient piece of software that helps users run powerful macros from application specific toolbars, giving them complete Windows automation.

  • MacroToolbar Standard Edition
  • Version:7.6.8
  • License :Trial
  • OS:Windows All
  • Publisher:Pitrinec Software

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MacroToolbar Standard Edition Description

MacroToolbar Standard Edition is a straightforward software utility that helps you create macro toolbars for specific applications you frequently work with in order to save desktop space and eliminate repetitive tasks.

It offers you the means to create powerful macro toolbars that can be activated using mouse clicks, commands and keystrokes. You can use these macros on different computers, such as desktops, servers and laptops, as well as other Windows operating devices, just by copying the macro file from one device to another.

Step-by-step wizard and wide array of settings

With the help of its built-in wizard, you can learn to build a macro in just a few easy steps. You can create macro that pastes clipboard data to target applications, create macros by recording keyboard keystrokes or mouse events, add flying toolbars, tabs and menus. Also, you can select how you want them to be triggered, by pressing a button, a key or a mouse button. It is recommended that you playback the recorded macro in the same window it was originally recorded to prevent unexpected system behaviors.

Save macros as HTML files and secure them using passwords

By saving the macro file to a HTML format, you can print it or make it accessible using any web browser. There are three methods to generate HTML files: ‘Include macro content’, ‘All settings’ and ‘Selected group only’.

If you share your computer with other persons, then you can prevent them from viewing, running or modifying your macros by password protecting your macro files.


All in all, MacroToolbar Standard Edition provides you with an extensive set of options that allow you to save time and create macros for all Windows applications with which you work on a regular basis.

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