Macrorit Partition Extender Portable

Effortlessly handle partitions without any risk of data loss by resorting to this capable piece of software that comes with server support as well.

  • Macrorit Partition Extender Portable
  • Version: 1.2.1
  • License :Trial
  • OS:Windows All
  • Publisher:Macrorit

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Macrorit Partition Extender Portable Description

Adjusting your partitions does not have to be a demanding or exceptional task in other way since there are software utilities on the market that offer to turn it into an operation that can be performed in a safe environment.

Macrorit Partition Extender Portable is precisely one of those programs designed to redistribute free space as you see fit, all without putting considerable effort in the process.

Extend system and data partition

First of all, as its very name makes it apparent, this is the portable version of Macrorit Partition Extender, which automatically implies that no installation steps must be followed in order to have it up and running.

It is also worth mentioning that the scenarios in which the application could prove useful are quite varied and range from the urgency to minimize the risk of BSODs, system crashes, virus attacks, and hard disk failures to the simple need for better disk management.

As for how the application works, things are quite straightforward. You simply need to take a look at your partitions along with the comprehensive details that are also bundled, such as unallocated space and other info. Clicking the “Next” button prompts you with a new window enabling you to specify the size of the new partition.

Redistribute partitions without data loss

There are two options in this case since you can either adjust a slider bar or type in the values, with a minimum and maximum being shown as a reference. A detailed disk map is also displayed so that you are constantly up to date with the modifications you want to apply.

When finally deciding on all these aspects, clicking the “OK” button should complete the task without a hassle.

Capable program that comes in multiple editions

All in all, Macrorit Partition Extender Portable is a powerful piece of software that can redistribute partition space in a way that is convenient for you, all without having to concentrate loads of time and effort in the process.

Depending on the edition you choose, the program can not only reorganize system or data partition but can also handle servers that need to be expanded. And since we have touched upon the subject, there are multiple editions of the program, namely Free, Pro, Server, and Unlimited, each of them corresponding to the following installer versions: Macrorit Partition Extender Free Edition, Macrorit Partition Extender Professional Edition, Macrorit Partition Extender Server Edition, and Macrorit Partition Extender Unlimited Edition.

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