Java classes to read, write, align and pack comma, tab and semicolon-separated files..

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CSVReader/Writer Description

Java classes you can use standalone or embed in your own programs to Read, write, align and pack comma, tab and semicolon-separated variable files, commonly known as CSV files.

CSVReader/Writer includes four Java classes: CSVWriter, CSVReader, CSVPack and CSVAlign for reading and writing CSV files. Also handles tab-separated and semicolon-separated files. This is the format use by Microsoft Word and other Microsoft products. This version does not support # embedded comments.

Note that CSV files are perhaps 10 times slower to process than binary files. They are for data interchange with other languages or when human-readibility or editability is important. If you want speed, use binary format files, e.g.

DataInputStream or possibly the convenient but slower ObjectInputStream.

System requirements

  • Java

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