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Create a live USB stick with your favorite Linux distribution in a quick, convenient manner by using this application that features additional functions.

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LiveUSB Install Description

If you want to create a bootable USB flash drive with a Linux distribution, you probably understand how specialized software can help you achieve fast results.

For instance, LiveUSB Install is one of the applications that can simplify your work by providing you with various useful tools and a user-friendly environment.

Silent installation

You do not need to set up this program on your computer since simply launching its executable automatically and silently installs it, without prompting you with any extra dialog.

Additionally, no configuration is required, since the purpose of this utility is quite self-explanatory, as its title suggests: helping you create a live USB of your favorite Linux distribution.

Smooth layout

Unlike other similar programs, LiveUSB Install comes with a sleek, user-friendly interface that can help you accomplish your tasks quickly and without significant efforts. Unfortunately, no form of help documentation is provided, but experienced users should have no trouble operating this tool to its full potential.

All its options are neatly organized in the main screen so that you can access them without spending precious time looking for them. Its functions are also intuitive, helping you understand them better before actually using them.

Create live USB sticks effortlessly

LiveUSB Install can help you create live USB sticks of your preferred Linux distribution with minimum difficulty. In order to accomplish that, you only need to select the corresponding option from the Mode combo menu, define a source (CD/DVD drive, ISO image or the Internet), choose a distribution and a version and provide the tool with a valid destination path.

It is also possible to format your USB flash drive directly from the application, view additional information about the device and display details about the selected distribution. If needed, you can select other modes, such as “Custom syslinux config”, “WinGrub ISO Chainloader”, “IMG Write” or “(Re)Install Syslinux”.

Live USB creator with additional modules

All things considered, LiveUSB Install is a reliable application that can help you create Live USBs of your favorite Linux distribution in a quick, efficient manner. It features a smooth user interface, packs multiple useful features, provides you with several modules and lets you choose from various installation sources.

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