Drive Vaccine PC Restore Plus

Protect your hard drives from any changes with this utility that offers reboot restoring and support for multiple PCs through remote access over a network.

  • Drive Vaccine PC Restore Plus
  • Version :10.5 Build 2701484045
  • License :Trial
  • OS :Windows All
  • Publisher :Horizon DataSys Inc.

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Drive Vaccine PC Restore Plus Description

People who maintain a great number of PCs or workstations in public environments such as schools or computer labs will require an efficient solution from protecting the hard drives from accidental changes. Drive Vaccine PC Restore Plus will help users overcome such issues by providing a reliable protection of their PCs’ hard drives through its restore tools.

Basic interface that provides features for restoring the PC’s state during the boot sequence

The application comes packed with a minimalist interface that houses all the tools one will need in order to set up a preferred restoring strategy. Being relatively well designed and with easy to spot features, the interface’s layout will not cause any trouble in handling the application.

Drive Vaccine PC Restore Plus’ core feature, the boot restore, will allow users to restore their PC to the state registered by the application when it was first deployed. Simply rebooting the system will resolve any accidental changes to the drive’s state and users will easily repair any damage sustained to their PCs.

User-defined restore scheduling coupled with baseline state update and support for multiple PCs over a network

People will be able to define when the Drive Vaccine PC Restore Plus will restore the hard drive to the initial state and the application offers the following options: manual, automatic, on boot, on log off, when idle time has been reached or scheduled at a designated time. Furthermore, users will be able to choose if the Windows Update or their preferred applications are allowed to change the system baseline state.

In order to increase the usage efficiency when deployed on multiple PCs, the application provides a dedicated remote module. This tool will allow network administrators to easily restore the drives that have been corrupted or modified in any way. Looking on the downside of things, novice users might be frustrated because after the installation process, the application will remain in the hidden tray area and it will not create any desktop shortcuts.

Save your PC from accidental changes with this restoring tool that offers easy reboot restore and scheduling options

Users who require a quick and efficient way of repairing their PCs by returning to the last stable state, might appreciate this application. It will allow them to restore their hard drives by simply rebooting the PC or scheduling a preferred restore time. Apart from requiring considerable free disk space, in our tests, the application sometimes caused the PC to be sluggish.

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