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A lightweight application that can quickly convert your PDF files to Microsoft Word documents, while preserving the original layout and text formatting.

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Lighten PDF to Word Converter Description

Depending on your preferences, PDF files can be easily used on almost any platform, thanks to their wide compatibility range. They are, however, much more difficult to edit and customize, unlike the more accessible Microsoft Word documents.

Convert PDF files in batch mode

Lighten PDF to Word Converter is a software utility designed to help you overcome these limitations, by enabling you to export your PDF files to DOC, DOCX and TXT files. The process can be performed on multiple documents at the same, by loading them all at once into the conversion list. In addition, you can also view information about their name and file size, as well as the output filename.

In order to make sure you have selected the right documents, the application displays a preview window containing the entire contents of the files. Thanks to the included navigation buttons, you can also browse through the document and assure yourself of its quality and the correctness of the contained information.

Select the table areas and choose the desired output format

Moreover, the PDF preview window enables you to draw over the table areas, in order to make the application aware of their positioning. Thanks to this, the output Word documents can contain fully-formatted tables, according to the original specifications. In addition, you can also automatically scan and detect the tables present in the PDF file by simply pressing the appropriate button.

After you have customized the result according to your preferences, you can head on and save it on your computer, to the directory of your choosing. The available output formats include Microsoft Word’s DOC and DOCX documents, as well as plain text TXT files, in case you do not need any formatting for your purposes.

Closing arguments

Overall, thanks to the improved responsiveness of the application and the overall conversion speed, Lighten PDF to Word Converter is a very handy utility to have on your computer. In addition, the entire interface is contained into the main window and every function is as intuitive as you can get.

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