Lighten PDF to Excel Converter

A conversion utility that allows you to easily export PDF files as Microsoft Excel spreadsheets, while keeping the original formatting.

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Lighten PDF to Excel Converter Description

Whenever a large amount of data needs to be processed quickly, tables are used to as the preferred formatting method, since they offer a good overall perspective and they allow for much faster calculations. Despite that, tables are not very useful unless they can be properly processed, so they are not ideal when found inside PDF files.

Convert PDFs to Excel spreadsheets

Lighten PDF to Excel Converter is a software utility designed to aid you in this matter, by allowing you to convert PDFs to Microsoft Excel spreadsheets. The operation can be performed on multiple documents at once, which enables you to quickly process a substantial amount of information with just a few mouse clicks.

In addition, you can visualize a few details regarding the loaded PDF files inside the main window of the application, such as the file size, the number of pages and the name of the source document. If that does not offer you the information you need, you can always run over the entirety of its contents, since you can preview and navigate through the file directly from the utility’s interface.

Select the preferred format and modify the output settings

Once you are satisfied with the loaded documents, you can head on and choose the desired output format, which includes XLSX, CSV and TXT. The latter can be used for cases in which you are not interested in the text formatting and you just want the raw contents saved under a more accessible extension.

In addition, you can also choose the particular pages of the PDF that you want to process, so that you do not need to convert the entire document in order to extract a small piece of information. The application allows you to select a single page, or enter a specific range between which the conversion should be made.

In conclusion

Thanks to its ability to automatically detect tables, Lighten PDF to Excel Converter can be of great use in case you need to perform simple PDF conversions. Furthermore, the speedy procedure and the possibility to preview the documents make the application even more attractive.

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