Led Player

Controls LED technology-based equipment, providing support for an effect generator, a matrix editor, live board mode and real-time visualization of the DMX512 output.

  • Led Player
  • Version :1.5.9
  • License :Freeware
  • OS :Windows All
  • Publisher :Chromateq

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Led Player Description

Led Player is a professional software application whose purpose is to help you manipulate LED technology-based equipment and DMX fixtures using various effects for RGB colors and pan/tilt movements, advanced matrix editor, profile editor and graphic timeline. The light shows designed with this utility are fully compatible with DMX512.

Clean feature lineup

The program bundles a multitude of dedicated parameters but the layout doesn’t look crowded at all. It actually integrates a well-organized set of features and includes multiple help manuals on different topics on how to make the most out the main program’s capabilities.

Led Player gives you the possibility to store all your configuration settings with the aid of projects which can be saved to a file so you can edit them in the future. A project can be defined by a single light that displays just one color up to dozens of different lights, each one with its own unique effects or layers of effects.

Rich-featured light editor

The built-in Editor is the place where you can create, patch and manipulate profiles (libraries), generate steps, design scenes and programs, as well as configure a set of advanced parameters.

Create a new profile

When it comes to defining a new profile, you can provide details about its name, choose the shape of the beam that is displayed in the 2D view in the Editor window, automatically update the channels and light beams, and select a picture for your fixture.

What’s more, you can add channels using the drag-and-drop support, and remove, update, copy or paste a channel. The channel list displays all available fixtures, such as dimmer, shutter, RGB, CMY, speed, pan tilt, focus, zoom, color wheel, prism and others, and you may generate some presets for a channel.

Patching DMX profiles and working with the matrix editor

When it comes to patching fixtures, you can assign a DMX channel value to various software profiles (the value can be altered from between 1 to 512 channels). There are several patch options that you can make use of, namely copy, paste, rename, delete, import or update a profile.

The matrix editor is designed specifically for helping you set up your lights as a matrix. Additionally, you can assign a name and pick the dimensions for the matrix, select the order of the DMX addresses of the profiles, and play a test in order to check your matrix configuration.

Design scenes for perfect programming

Led Player allows you to create a scene with the aid of a list of steps (a step records a fixed DMX level per channel, includes 512 channels or more, and embeds a hold and fade time). Scenes implement a suite of steps which are played consecutively.

What’s more, you can add, play, remove, cut, copy or paste scenes, drag and drop a scene in the list so you reorder the content, and alter the name, fade time, loop number, jump value, duration, and active LB of the current scene.

Live Board, effect generator and other handy features

The Live Board is the place where you can play the created scenes. It comes with additional features, such as color palette, pause, next scene, general dimmer and speed controls.

The program automatically displays the available effects depending on the fixture channels and functions. Each effect generates a different visual result.

Last but not least, you can organize the scenes by time and date using the standalone mode, check out a real-time visualization of the DMX512 output, and modify the DMX signal speed.

An advanced and reliable app

All in all, Led Player proves to be an efficient application for controlling LED technology-based equipment. Thanks to its advanced feature pack and intuitive options, it is suitable for beginners and rookies alike.

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