KTag Editor

An easy to use and intuitive tag editing application that can be used for processing MP3 files, modify their ID3v data and add them custom cover art.

  • KTag Editor
  • Version :0.2.0 Beta
  • License :LGPL
  • OS :Windows All
  • Publisher :Karolj Kocmaros

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KTag Editor Description

KTag Editor provides you with an intuitive ID3 tag editing application that enables you to modify the tag information of your music files. It aims to assist you in modifying the song information for locally stored MP3 files.

The main interface is a bit cluttered, but once you get accustomed to using the program, it shouldn’t pose any problems. It integrates a file browsing section that allows you to explore local directories in tree view, as well as panes dedicated to updating tag data.

KTag Editor provides support for MP3 audio files only, enabling you to change basic tag information (artist, album, genre, release year, comments), as well as other file properties, such as the album artist, the composer, the artist webpage, the lyricist, copyright data, disk number, publisher, encoder and URL.

There are two ways to modify the tags, namely by double-clicking on the desired column displayed in the file explorer table and writing the desired entry or selecting the desired files and modifying the data for all of them. The latter alternative allows you to run batch operations, which means that multiple songs can be processed with a single click.

The built-in player is designed to help you listen to selected music files as you modify their tag data. One or multiple tags can be removed from all the selected files with the push of a button and cover art images can be added, removed or extracted from existing songs.

In addition to this, KTag Editor comes with options for batch renaming all the MP3 files. You can instruct it to insert tag data into the name, add custom texts, suffixes or prefixes, replace or remove certain words, automatically change capitalization options and so on.

While it could use some improvements (such as support for more file formats), KTag Editor is a fast way to change the tag information of your MP3 songs. The extended range of tag data that you can modify makes it worth a try.

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