Define a list of applications that can be kept up-to-date with automatically downloaded update packages by relying on this lightweight tool.

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Ketarin Description

When you work with multiple applications on your computer, you can often forget about keeping them updated and this might affect your productivity.

Although many programs come with integrated automatic update function, some of them might lack this feature. In this case, you can either manually download the latest releases or rely on specialized software, such as Ketarin, that can do that for you.

Minimalistic design

This application comes with a user-friendly interface that provides you with easy-to-use functions, thus adding to its simplicity.

Although the program features uncomplicated features, you might need to have medium PC operating skills in order to understand and benefit from it entirely.

Unfortunately, the user guide can be only accessed if you have an Internet connection, although it offers numerous useful information and detailed tutorials.

Handy update utility

You can rely on this application to automate the update process for various applications on your computer. This utility allows you to define a list of programs you need to be handled, where you can specify details such as name, website and category.

Alternatively, it is possible to choose entries by selecting them from an online database, thus sparing you the hassle of manually specifying URLs or extra parameters.

Import or export application lists

Furthermore, after you create a list of applications, you can export them as an XML file on your computer, for future use. This feature allows you to import the content from other computers that rely on Ketarin or share it with others.

More so, you can set the program to execute various commands after it finishes downloading or updating your content, by inserting custom batch or C# scripts in the corresponding fields.

To sum it up, Ketarin can help you keep your application up-to-date by allowing you to create lists of applications, define download URLs for each entry and configure additional parameters.

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