Counts keystrokes and mouse clicks, calculates the mouse travelled distance, assigns key and mouse shortcuts to specific actions, with support for automated tasks.

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FunMouse Description

FunMouse is an advanced Windows application wrapped in an interactive interface that keeps track of the mouse and keyboard actions, namely total left and right clicks, all clicks, key strokes, and travelled cursor distance. It shows information for the current day and lifetime activity, and features numerous options to tinker with when it comes to automated tasks.

Quick setup and accessibility via the system tray area

The installation procedure is a fast and easy job that shouldn’t impose any difficulties. At startup, FunMouse creates an icon in the taskbar notifications area and brings up a small frame with the aforementioned statistics. It also displays the system uptime and lets users pin this window.

Customize a wide range of settings

The measurement unit can be switched from metric to imperial, while exclusions can be made for any programs, in order to prevent any FunMouse interruptions while working with apps in full screen mode. App sounds and startup tips may be disabled, while the UI colors can be altered for the statistics and headings, in addition to the background transparency and UI skin. Settings and statistics can be exported to file and imported at a later time, which comes in handy when sharing the PC with other people or even using this data on another computer running FunMouse.

Set automatic mouse commands, shortcuts and gestures

A notable feature is the ability to schedule various actions for any mouse button you select, such as closing the active window, copying, cutting or pasting content, muting volume, increasing or decreasing it, as well as showing the desktop or locking the computer. In addition, you can create shortcuts by setting a combination of letters, numbers and mouse buttons for the same actions. Mouse gestures with plenty of directions are available as well.

Custom online searches and multitask mode

FunMouse implements two additional action types, which can be easily defined in terms of rules. Paste2 permits you to easily use a preferred search engine or paste text and images online and into programs, while the Multitask executes various commands based on the window existing in the foreground. It is possible to apply a preset list of search providers for Paste2 or indicate custom ones and Windows applications, as well as to schedule programs to launch or hotkeys to press when any given application is active.

Evaluation and conclusion

We have not come across any issues in our tests, since FunMouse did not hang, crash or pop up error messages. It has a good response time, commits configuration changes rapidly and leaves a small footprint on system resources. The app is not that intuitive to figure out at first but, thanks to hints spread across the interface along with the help manual, users may learn how take advantage of FunMouse’s full potential when it comes to automated mouse actions.

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