KDE for Windows Installer

Download and install binary packages needed to run KDE applications on Windows with the help of this streamlined and easy to use application.

  • KDE for Windows Installer
  • Version:1.0.0
  • License :GPL
  • OS:Windows All
  • Publisher:KDE e.V.

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KDE for Windows Installer Description

If you are currently running Windows on your computer, but you are also a fan of Linux, then chances are you have already heard about KDE. Basically, KDE is represented by an international community of passionate individuals that have only one goal: the development and distribution of free and open source software.

Despite the fact that most software solutions produced by KDE are cross-platform, some of them do not work on Windows, not straight out of the box, anyway.

This problem can be easily solved by relying on KDE Installer for Windows. With the help of this user-friendly installer, you can download and install a large variety of binary packages that are required for running KDE apps on your computer with Microsoft Windows.

Guides you through the installation process via an intuitive wizard

Upon first starting the utility, you are greeted by a simplistic main window that offers you the options to choose from three types of self-explanatory operations, namely ‘install from the internet, ‘install from a local directory’ or ‘download only’.

In fact, the tool basically offers to guide you through the whole process of installing the binary packages via a step-by-step wizard. The installation and download process begins with you having to choose an installation directory on your system.

Easy installation process that requires little to no effort on your behalf

If you go with the first two options, you are also required to choose from an ‘End User’ mode that only installs the strictly needed binaries or a more complicated ‘Package Manager’ installation mode that offers you more control and the possibility to build the apps from scratch.

From now onwards, things get even simpler, as you only need to choose the directory for all the downloaded packages, choose the proxy or internet connection type and select a download server from the provided list.

You only need to click on the application you want, its available version and you are good to go, as the application automatically downloads and installs it on your computer.

Windows users who believe in what KDE stands for surely appreciate this app

As an ending note, KDE Installer for Windows is an efficient and practical software solution that makes it simple for you to get your hands on KDE programs and install them on your Windows computer.

In fact, KDE Installer for Windows is so much more than a simple application, as it is basically a gateway for shared experiences between users from two of the most popular operating systems in the world.

For Windows users, this might translate in greater freedom that is usually not afforded since many of the apps developed from the get-go for Windows require you to spend some money.

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