Convert JPEG files from your computer to their DICOM equivalent without significant efforts by turning to this lightweight application.

  • Version: 1.8.0
  • License :Trial
  • OS:Windows All
  • Publisher:DICOM Apps

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JPEG to DICOM Description

If you work in the medical field and handle medical imaging content on a daily basis, you probably realize that most of your tasks would be impossible to perform without software assistance.

Fortunately, thanks to the evergrowing development, nowadays we have a broad range of specialized applications that can help us achieve fast, convenient results in numerous fields. One of them is JPEG to DICOM.

Easy to install

This application can be easily deployed to the target computer, as it doesn’t require any kind of special configuration during the installation process.

The only necessary steps are deciding whether or not you want a desktop shortcut to be created and follow the on-screen instructions since the destination path is set automatically and the rest of the process unfolds without any further assistance.

Simple interface

JPEG to DICOM comes with a plain, user-friendly interface that doesn’t pack any complicated functions. In fact, you can access most of its core features directly from the main window, without opening any additional menus.

Adding files or entire folders can be easily done by clicking the corresponding buttons on the toolbar. In a similar manner you can remove added items, by clicking the “Remove” or “Remove All” buttons, depending on your needs.

Handy configuration section

The application also lets you tamper with its default settings by providing you with a configuration section that can be accessed by clicking the “DICOM Options” button on the toolbar.

Here you can configure settings related to the DICOM tags, image compression and filters by clicking the appropriate radio buttons or ticking the checkboxes that match your preferences.

Lightweight tool that lets you convert JPEGs to DICOM format

All things considered, JPEG to DICOM is a handy application that can help you convert JPEG files on your computer to DICOM format in a quick, convenient manner. It can be easily installed, comes with a user-friendly interface and lets you adjust some of its options.

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