Automatically set your PC to shutdown, Restart, Standby or Hibernate by using this intuitive and user-friendly software solution.

  • AutoShut
  • Version :4.0.2
  • License :Freeware
  • OS :Windows All
  • Publisher :Samuel Gaisie-Yeboah SOFTRECKON

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AutoShut Description

Relying on your computer to help you with your work can yield many satisfactory and highly efficient results as its flexible characteristics make it suitable for a wide variety of fields.

However, at some point, you might need to automate certain tasks in order to boost your productivity. One of the software solutions that might come in handy in this situation is AutoShut.

Please note that this application requires .NET Framework to be installed on your machine so it can function properly.

Stylish, user-friendly interface

This application comes with a simple, yet elegant user interface that integrates various straightforward functions. You can easily operate its controls without significant efforts, regardless of your computer skills.

However, despite its overall simplicity, this application does not feature any form of local help documentation. Therefore, if you encounter any difficulty while using it, relying on a user guide is not an available option.

Schedule various computer power events

AutoShut allows you to set your machine to shutdown, hibernate, sleep, log the active user off, launch an application or display an alarm. Doing so can be easily achieved by choosing the date and time and selecting your desired action from the combo menu.

You can toggle between a 12- or a 24-hour display, according to your preference, by clicking the corresponding option. On the downside, it is not possible to set an event past the current day. Also, scheduling events is limited to only one item, so that assigning multiple actions is not an available option.

Features key-logger support

Aside from the scheduling capabilities of this program, it also features support for external key-logging software solutions. You just need to define the path to the executable, adjust various parameters and enable the feature from the context menu.

As a conclusion, AutoShut is a handy application that allows you to schedule various events on your computer, such as shutting down, standing by, restarting or launching an application. It comes with a stylish user interface that integrates intuitive functions, but no help manual is provided whatsoever.

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