Manage model railroad systems with this comprehensive application that allows one to control locomotive rosters as well as to set up light signaling.

  • JMRI
  • Version :4.4-R1ccf76b / 4.5.5-R5a99fdd Test
  • License :GPL
  • OS :Windows All
  • Publisher :Bob Jacobsen

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JMRI Description

Managing locomotive model systems are a prized occupation among railway enthusiasts, more-so when the miniature replicas are highly evolved and complex projects. Since such projects can number thousands of tiny to large components, adequate management tools have to be employed and JMRI allows its users to exercise complete and thorough control over their collectibles.

Manage model railway systems

The modular application consists of several tools – with individual executables, which can be used in conjunction to obtain improved results. For example, one can employ “DecoderPro” to manage locomotive rosters and program decoders.

This is a great setup, as the application supports and is compatible with numerous miniature railway devices, including Bachrus, Viessmann Commander, Fleischmann, Lenz or SPROG DCC command station products.

Employ multiple tools to automate trains

Another component, the “PanelPro” tool, can be used to set up system signaling, as well as to configure operations and control panels. More advanced users will also appreciate the “Logix” toolkit, a set of algorithms that can be applied to enhance and automate the layout’s behavior. This powerful feature can also be employed to write and deploy scripts to significantly increase the flexibility and functionality of the model railroad.

Automating train crews with operating instructions is also possible and is performed via the “OperationsPro” module. All these tasks are performed in a simple, but practical environment that allows navigation through the many on-screen buttons.

A powerful tool packed with features for model railroad systems owners

On the whole, JMRI is an asset for model railway enthusiasts, as it allows them to manage and automate their replica railroad systems. Locomotive rosters can be easily controlled and one can even write advanced scripts to automate most parts of a miniature system.

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