Forestpin Analytics

Perform complex forensic analysis and find irregularities within complex financial systems with the help of this smooth-running and comprehensive, Electron-based app.

  • Forestpin Analytics
  • Version :4.1.5
  • License :Demo
  • OS :Windows All
  • Publisher :Varuna Jayasiri

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Forestpin Analytics Description

Forestpin Analytics is a specialized and extremely advanced piece of software that combines a series of sophisticated visualization and computational tools in order to help you find irregularities or any sort of fraud within financial data sets.

Getting Electron-based utility started is by no means difficult, mainly thanks to its streamlined installer that takes care of the whole process without your intervention.

Requires a Microsoft or Google account

Before you can actually launch the app, you are required to create an official Forestpin account. In order to do so, you will need a Microsoft or a Google valid account.

Upon launching the app for the first time, you are required to log in to your Forestpin account but, oddly, with the help of your computer’s default browser. Once you have logged in using any modern web browser, the app should automatically detect the process and allow you to view its user interface.

Lastly, please note that you will also need to choose one of the available subscription plans available on the Forestpin official website. This is a good time to point out that by choosing the Demo plan, you can test most of the app’s functionality with the help of two provided sample files.

Straightforward and intuitive user interface

By default, you are greeted by the app’s dashboard that displays a comprehensive monthly timeline. Click on each element and the utility quickly offers you a detailed view of the selected section.

Regardless of how much data is on display, you are bound to discover that its interface is neatly designed. Basically, there are two elements, namely the main menu, accessible from the upper left part of the main window, and the Bookmarks/Notes menu, accessible from the right side.

Both menus are retractable, which means that once you are done with then a single mouse click anywhere on the main window is enough to close them. Since getting used to Forestpin Analytics is not at all difficult, you should be able to start filtering and analyzing data in no time.

Find irregularities or frauds within any financial system

With the help of this app, you can pull any data from existing ERP or other financial systems, find irregularities using Benford Law’s principles, perform complex correlation tests, compare transactions from the present of past as well as get a clear description of how transaction distributions look over time.

All in all, Forestpin Analytics is a sophisticated and useful application designed to make the lives of financial annalists or auditors a bit easier.

In just a few words, this piece of software allows you to run extremely advanced forensic analysis on financial data with just a few mouse clicks thanks to its set of specialized tools and user-friendly user interface.

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