Jira Client Pro

An advanced desktop client for JIRA that enhances your productivity by providing you with numerous useful features and an interactive user interface.

  • Jira Client Pro
  • Version :3.8.3 Build 9212.50
  • License :Trial
  • OS :Windows All
  • Publisher :ALM Works Ltd

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Jira Client Pro Description

Maintaining the functionality of your applications can be a difficult task, especially if you do not have appropriate tools to assist you.

Fortunately, you can easily enhance your productivity by relying on third-party software. One of the applications that can simplify your work is JIRA Client Pro.

Comprehensive user interface

This program comes with a minimalistic layout that encompasses numerous straightforward functions, therefore offering you powerful tools, but also increased overall accessibility.

Note that you need advanced PC operating knowledge and a certain level of bug tracking skills in order to use this application to its full extent, as many of its functions are highly technical.

Handy offline mode

You can connect to certain servers and browse extensive lists of bug or issue submissions, edit some of them and even submit your own content.

Additionally, you can download certain items directly to your computer and continue your work without an Internet connection, as this application comes with a reliable offline mode.

Complex search functions

The dedicated Search menu allows you to perform quick searches within the database you are connected to. Furthermore, you can define or edit queries and run them, if you want rather extensive lookup capabilities.

Additionally, you can export the results of the queries to a wide variety of formats, including CSV, HTML, XML and PDF.

Useful time tracker

It is also possible to access a time tracker function that allows you to organize your activities in a more efficient way. You just need to start it and it will automatically detect how much time you spent on each task. The application allows you to edit and publish the time records if you want to inform others about your activities.

To sum it up, JIRA Client Pro is a powerful application that allows you to work with bug or issue submission by providing you with numerous complex tools. However, note that you need advanced PC operating skills in order to benefit of its functions entirely.

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