Date Reminder

Never forget important dates or appointments, with this application that allows you to store important events and add notifications with custom recurrence.

  • Date Reminder
  • Version:3.32
  • License :Trial
  • OS:Windows All
  • Publisher:CaldSoft

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Date Reminder Description

The task of keeping track of all the important days, appointments or just regular events such as a party or a tennis match can be cumbersome. Using post-it notes or just relying on memory isn’t practical and, sooner or later, people might require a more efficient solution. Fortunately, there are many applications for that and one of them is Date Reminder. It was created for providing an easy-to-use solution for those who need reminders about their different events or important dates.

Straightforward interface that will help users create custom reminders for their events

Date Reminder features a minimalist interface, with large appealing buttons and an accompanying list view where all the events are stored. Users will be able to access all the features straight from the main interface, without any additional hassle, this way improving their work efficiency.

All the events can be customized and one can add numerous details about the name of the event, past occurrence and frequency of notifications. However, the application doesn’t support adding images to the custom reminders and this might frustrate users who would like that extra degree of customization.

Create custom reminders for your important days or appointments with this utility that offers Facebook integration

Users will be able to create multiple reminders and the application will provide an exporting function that will allow one to save its preferred reminders to disk. This is quite handy and it will allow people who travel and have the application installed on multiple devices, to easily access the different reminders.

In addition to the basic functionality for custom notifications, the application also offers tools for importing the events straight from users’ Facebook accounts. However, after numerous attempts, in our tests the application failed to provide access to Facebook login, which is required in order to import the reminders associated with the account.

Useful utility for creating customizable reminders for one’s events, but with some drawbacks

This application will be a good solution for those who rely heavily on keeping tabs on their important dates or appointments. It will provide a good solution for creating custom reminders and notifications for users’ events, with numerous details and recurrence settings. However, its extra feature for importing events directly from Facebook accounts didn’t work in our tests and this might annoy users who require increased interoperability.

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