POS application for managing and organizing products, tracking sales and transactions, as well as monitoring stock transfers and kitchen orders.

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JCL POS Description

JCL POS is a comprehensive POS application suitable for medium-sized stores, which aims to ease daily management tasks and improve business workflow. It bundles various modules for organizing products, generating invoices, managing transactions and inventory items, customers and suppliers, which makes it versatile enough to be used in restaurants, bars, home delivery businesses and regular retails shops.

Modern-looking GUI, long configuration process

Borrowing the appearance of the Windows 8 start screen, the interface displays all the functions as tiles, organized in different color-coded categories. This approach makes it suitable for touch screens. Unfortunately, tiles are not draggable, so you cannot tamper with the default layout.

Before you can use it, JCL POS requires you to go through a rather tedious configuration process, since you must define stores and POS stations, user accounts, client types and titles, currency rates, payment modes, units of measure, discounts, and so on. Nevertheless, you only have to do this once, so that you won’t get interrupted while trying to create a new invoice or enter a new sale.

Inventory management, invoices, and payments

Designed for daily usage, JCL POS features employee shift and cash register management options. It enables store managers and staff to keep track of sales, inventories, and clients, as well as generate invoices and receipts with ease.

Products can be sorted in a smart way, and payments can be tracked with JCL POS. The database comprises information regarding the status of all your stores, making it easier to manage them.

Furthermore, JCL POS features a dedicated hostelry module, enabling you to make room reservations, manage tables in a restaurant and monitor the kitchen activity.

POS software designed for various business types

The main purpose of JCL POS is to help managers handle daily business operations, such as sales and purchase cancellations, applying discounts, orders, and product purchases. Its array of options makes it suitable for various types of businesses, while the user-friendly, stylish interface helps even beginners get accustomed to it in a jiffy.

Furthermore, you can use it to generate daily reports on sales and product stocks and required tax payments, which makes business management much easier.

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