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Keep a close eye on your hotel, motel or hostel establishments in a simple and straightforward way with this intuitive application.

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JCL Hotel Description

JCL Hotel is an application with a very nice design that is aimed to improve your hotel management skills and ease your overall booking workflow. It comes with everything you need in order to cover hotel operation, economical and room management, reports and overall administration.

User-friendly interface

Right off the bat, JCL Hotel displays a more than comprehensive interface which makes it easy to use. Its main window is separated into multiple areas, each with its well defined purpose.

The application presents you with a ‘Planning View’, which you can say is the core of it all. It contains an overview with all the confirmed, unconfirmed and canceled reservations, as well as rooms for which the stay has ended. It’s easy to get a sense of occupancy and with a simple click on an entry, you can access its details and make any required modifications.

Since the hotel business is meant to be a dynamic one, JCL Hotel offers you quick access to all the common functions so you won’t have to waste any time going through menus to make a simple reservation.

High degree of configuration

Not all establishments are the same and for this reason JCL Hotel helps you customize a wide range of details regarding your services. From creating a database with new and steady clients to adding a new currency, everything is covered.

You are able to customize client information, rooms, cash boxes, currency exchange rates and denomination, seasons types of payments and places. Moreover, it’s possible to define taxes and create extra services which can be something unique that your hotel offers its clients.

A complete hotel management solution

With the above to consider and much more to discover about JCL Hotel, it’s safe to say that if you’re looking for an all-in-one hotel, motel,villa, hostel booking and management solution, then you should definitely try this one.

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