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Edit and create professional-looking videos with ease using this comprehensive application that provides you with intuitive tools.

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ivsEdits Le Description

ivsEdits Le is a tool that you can use to create and edit video montages, as well as put together slideshows from photos.

It comes with a wide range of tools that can handle all kinds of standard SD, HD and 2K formats such as DV, DVCPRO HD100, XDCAM SD/HD/EX, MPEG, AVI, QuickTIme and WMV.

The structure of the interface resembles that of other applications which have the same purpose. This is actually a good thing because it provides you with the essential timeline, preview window and repository (library), along with other useful elements such as a VU meter and Vectorscope/Waveform. All these widows are scalable which comes in very handy if you use a large screen. This way you can enlarge the timeline window for more accurate stitching or minimize the VU Meter when you don’t need it.

ivsEdits Le also provides you with a well organize toolbar that houses the buttons for all the essential tools that you need during the edit. Everything is made to be easily accessible and this is a good thing because it helps you develop as steady and productive workflow.

The application is also built to have a modular and open architecture, enabling you to connect and use various external devices such as lights and smoke machines. This, along with the fact that you can synchronize multiple instances of the application and use them at the same time makes it quite the powerful tool when it comes to live shows and multimedia performances.

Since it’s a video editing tool it also provides you with effects that you can apply on the material at hand. You get chroma, perspective, glow and blur effects, along with strobe, borders and crop functions. Moreover you can apply them to both video and image elements that are loaded into the timeline.

In conclusion, ivsEdits Le provides you with the tools that make it practical and versatile but there is a lot more to discover while using it.

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