Internet Quotes Assistant

Keep track of your invested money with this desktop application that enables you to access multiple servers with up-to-date information and historical quotations.

  • Internet Quotes Assistant
  • Version :4.67
  • License :Trial
  • OS :Windows All
  • Publisher :Marcos S. Rocha

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Internet Quotes Assistant Description

The Internet provides great support for investors who wish to stay on top of the stock trading business. Multiple applications offer information to those who are interested in prices, rates or tendencies of stocks, funds and dividends. Internet Quotes Assistant is a software solution that provides all these types of information.

Track the prices of stocks, mutual funds, currency exchange rates and much more

The application is quick to install and can run on most modern operating systems. It uses minimal computer resources, but it requires an Internet connection to download the data in real-time. It offers access to multiple pre-built servers with information on stock trading.

The interface is clean and well organized. Its features are arranged in various menus and the most useful ones have quick access buttons on the main menu. It is designed to be user-friendly and to offer as much functionality with as little effort as possible. There is a help file with useful information on how to use the application to its maximum potential.

View information as graphs and compare the evolution of stocks

Internet Quotes Assistant downloads quotes from multiple servers and organizes them in an optimized fashion for users. There are several templates available for immediate use, but there is a server configuration wizard that will aid the user in adding new sources.

The application is a useful tool for traders and investors. However, it is limited to viewing the information. Users cannot buy or sell stocks with this software. The program can display in graphical form any stock information and compare it to others.

Export your portfolio to spreadsheets or plain text format

Users are able to save any information on their stocks to spreadsheets or plain text format. This helps users share their data faster and more efficiently.

To summarize, Internet Quotes Assistant offers a quick and efficient means of viewing stock information. Users who buy and sell in the stock market can implement this tool in their workflow. However, the application does not facilitate transactions. Nonetheless, it is useful and provides sufficient functionality to be competitive on the software market.

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