GSA Content Generator

Effortlessly scrape data from any webpage and generate comprehensive content for your articles with the help of this efficient application.

  • GSA Content Generator
  • Version : 1.10
  • License :Trial
  • OS :Windows All
  • Publisher :GSA

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GSA Content Generator Description

GSA Content Generator is a specialized piece of software that allows you to effortlessly scrape content from almost any unrestricted webpage.

Its feature set recommends this utility for those situations when you need to generate lots of readable content for multiple projects and from multiple sources simultaneously.

Unpretentious yet highly efficient content scrapper

It can be deployed on your computer with the least amount of hassle thanks to its typical, wizard-based installer. The first impression might not be a very convincing one, especially based on its somewhat outdated user interface.

Nevertheless, start working with GSA Content Generator, and you are bound to discover quite quickly that it actually works better than you might have expected.

Nimbly finds articles, images and video content related to your projects

You are provided with multiple options for generating content. For example, from the NEW menu, you can make access its built-in, novice-accessible wizard mode or a more advanced one. You even get various options for defining how the scrapped articles should look like (with images, videos, authority link placements and using spin syntax).

If you feel that these options alone are not enough for the job at hand, you can manually control the search process. You can choose the HTML variations, the spinner quality, and other such parameters from the Project Settings section.

Novice-accessible and well-organized UI

The application provides you with relevant information regarding your projects on the upper part of the main window, while the bottom part is reserved for the actual search results, which are organized into four self-explanatory categories, namely Articles, Images, Videos, and Authority Links.

Last but not least, thanks to its plethora of provided export options, you can output the content to a wide array of formats and handle it using various third-party apps of your choosing.

SEO-orientated tool that offers you a quick way to generate content

To conclude, GSA Content Generator is a solid utility that reduces the whole process of generating readable content for your projects to just a few mouse clicks.

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