Intel TelePort Extender

Send and receive messages, view caller ID and remotely access the content on your mobile device on your computer with this software solution.

  • Intel TelePort Extender
  • Version :1.0.1960.17
  • License :Freeware
  • OS :Windows All
  • Publisher :Intel

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Intel TelePort Extender Description

Intel TelePort Extender is a utility that enables you to expand the functionality of your Android handheld devices to your computer for more efficient management.

It requires you to have the app installed on your smartphone

It is important to note that you cannot access or pair your smartphone or tablet with your computer until you install the application on your mobile gadget. Enabling the pairing between the two devices is done from within the application.

Moreover, you should know that the app includes a two-step verification test before allowing you to access the content of your phone on your computer, namely you need to confirm that the provided code corresponds on both screens.

The program comes with an intuitive interface that is neatly organized into categories based on the type of content you can access and manage. Therefore, you can preview the call history, contacts and send as well as receive messages by browsing through the tabs with corresponding names.

Allows you to view messages, call history and contacts

The idea behind the program is to provide you a more versatile environment for managing your messages, agenda and call history. Therefore, you can send and receive SMS, browse through your contact list and update their details or seamlessly send messages to contacts you have recently spoken too. Unlike your smartphone, the tool includes a search function that enables you to quickly identify a phone number, contact or message that interests you.

You should know that the utility does not provide you with too many options in terms of configuring your calls, applications and additional settings on your phone. More precisely, you can just adjust the ringer volume to the maximum level, map the handheld device and launch the car navigation, if your device supports GPS apps.

It would have been nice if the app included extra features that allowed you to manage other types of content on your smartphone or tablet, such as images and clips you shot with your device. In addition, it would have been useful if you could create a log or backup for the current SMS, agenda or call history.

A tool that can help you manage multiple phones at once

All in all, if you are looking for an application that enables you to update your contact list as well as manage message from multiple smartphones from the same location, then Intel TelePort Extender might be the app to try out.

You should take note that Intel does not provide support for this application anymore.

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