Intel Phone Flash Tool Lite

Flash your smartphone, tablet or other device you are using and that includes an Intel chipset effortlessly with this software solution.

  • Intel Phone Flash Tool Lite
  • Version :
  • License :Freeware
  • OS :Windows All
  • Publisher :Intel

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Intel Phone Flash Tool Lite Description

In the eventuality that you want to want to use an old mobile phone with a new carrier, then you can consider visiting an authorized dealer to get the device flashed. Nevertheless, you should know that you can perform the gadget’s reprogramming yourself, providing that you have the right tool for the task.

Intel Phone Flash Tool Lite is an application designed to help you flash tablets and smartphones that feature Intel chipsets by yourself.

Straightforward and user-friendly setup

The setup is simple and straightforward and, depending on the whether your already have the Intel DnX USB driver version installed, it can also be very quick. The application comes with a clean and intuitive interface that comprises of two main section. While the upper section of the main window enables you to preview the devices connected to your computer, in the lower section you can analyze a report log with the actions performed.

You should know that the log level also enables you to check out the details of errors that you encounter while flashing the firmware. If you are looking for a particular type of error, then you can narrow down your search by switching between the available options.

Enables you to employ external utilities for flashing

It is worth mentioning that the program permits you to add and employ external tool binaries along with the JSON flash files. You can preview the utensils that are already embedded as well as add and delete utilities by accessing the External Tools tab from the Options window.

Other further noteworthy features are the inbuilt Intel USB drivers mentioned earlier. Considering that you can install them at the same time with the application, it means you are less likely to face compatibility issues.

A handy tool for easily flashing Intel devices

If you have a smartphone or table that includes an Intel chipset and would like to reprogram it so that you can use it with other carriers, then perhaps Intel Phone Flash Tool Lite could lend you a hand.

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