Intel Laptop to Hotspot Converter

Turn your Intel laptop into a wireless hotspot and share the Internet with other devices by resorting to this handy software utility.

  • Intel Laptop to Hotspot Converter
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Intel Laptop to Hotspot Converter Description

While a router may prove to be a viable solution in a static environment, in case you are trying to connect multiple devices to the Internet while on the go, creating a hotspot could be much more convenient.

This is precisely what a software utility such as Intel Laptop to Hotspot Converter offers to do for you by broadcasting a wireless signal that any other laptop, handset, or tablet could connect to.

Transforms your Intel laptop into a hotspot

First things first, let’s take a look at the program’s user interface, which is quite user-friendly, even though it may be said that there is nothing memorable to it.

In order to start preparing your Intel laptop, you need to access the “Home & Instruction” section to check your Internet status. If everything runs according to plan, you only have to select the connection through which the Internet goes live as well as to check the wireless connection status so that you know whether or not other devices can rely on it.

Enables you to set up a network name and password

Once you have ensured your Intel laptop acts as a dependable hotspot, you may want to turn to the “How To Connect” section, where you can find all the login details you may need to provide your friends with.

To be more specific, a wireless network name and a connection password are set up automatically, with the possibility of changing them in case you deem that necessary.

Last but not least, it is important to point our that the application enables you to check for existing computer hotspots you could connect your very Intel laptop to, with the option to end the connection at any point.

Approachable tool for sharing the Internet

On an ending note, Intel Laptop to Hotspot Converter is a reliable program helping you share your Internet with other devices by means of your Intel laptop, which thus acts as a hotspot. The app is easy to configure and sports an intuitive GUI, so there is no reason not to take it for a spin especially when not having a router close at hand.

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