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Organize files, folders and subfolders easily, by assigning them to cards for increased visibility, productivity and file management efficiency.

  • File Cards Store App
  • Version :Release 49a
  • License :Trial
  • OS :Windows All
  • Publisher :Labsii ltd

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File Cards Store App Description

File Cards is a simple to use Windows Store App, designed to improve the way in which you organize files and folders. The app allows you to sort important folders and subfolders, by assigning them to easily manageable Cards.

File and folder organizational dashboard

File Cards resembles a board on which you place cards, each assigned to a particular folder from your computer. It is an effective way to sort important folders from other storage spaces, allowing you to quickly access those locations you visit most often.

Similar to Windows Explorer, the app features standard file management options, allowing you to move, rename, duplicate or delete the selected files. Use the right click button to select several files that are not in successive order.

If you are running Windows 10 on a tablet or a similar touch-enabled device, File Cards is even more useful. You can use simple gestures to perform management operations, such as deleting or copying files.

Quick card organization and file management tools

A great thing about File Cards is that it can open in multiple instances and create more than one workspace, which is very useful if more than one person uses it. It also features ZIP creation options and support for custom templates.

Each card may contain one or more folders you either select or create. The files contained within a card are all displayed in a vertical list, allowing you to easily manage them: simply click on a file to prompt the options menu.

You may open any file using the program you prefer, you can move, copy, rename, delete or pin the item to the Start Menu. Moreover, you may change its extension or create a reminder for any file/group of files.

Folder organizing app for an increase in productivity

File Cards is designed to help you improve your speed and productivity. It provides a useful method for file sorting and organizing by grouping the most often used commands at close hand. Moreover, you may create Cards in which to add one or more files and folders for one-click access.

Additional productivity tools allow you to detect and remove duplicates, sort and filter files inside folders, and attach reminders to files.

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