Infinite Algebra 2

A software utility that enables you to easily create worksheets and assignments containing algebra-related topics and personalize their content.

  • Infinite Algebra 2
  • Version :2.06
  • License :Trial
  • OS :Windows All
  • Publisher :Kuta Software LLC

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Infinite Algebra 2 Description

Algebra is a branch of mathematics that deals with equations, matrices and some geometry notions, including conic sections and various angle calculations. Thus, creating quizzes and questions sets involving these notions can be quite the headache, especially if you intend on personalizing the worksheets.

Generate algebra assignments and add the desired question sets

Infinite Algebra 2 is an application that enables you to quickly design and generate worksheets and assignments containing algebra question sets from a wide variety of categories, including complex numbers, arithmetic sequences or determinants. These can then be scrambled and personalized for every student, depending on their abilities.

In order to create a worksheet, all you have to do is head into the list of question sets and choose the ones that you want to include in the quiz. Before adding an item, you can customize it by increasing the difficulty level, or by switching the type from free response to multiple choice. The measurement units can be configured as well, while the question title is entirely editable.

Create custom questions and switch to presentation view

Although the utility provides you with a very large number of predefined questions, you can also choose to create your own from scratch, using custom values and manually plotted graphs. To help you insert various symbols you might need for some expressions, Infinite Algebra 2 offers you a drop-down menu containing everything from simple square roots, to matrices and trigonometric functions.

In case you just want to use the generated worksheet as a way to teach your students, the application enables you to switch to presentation mode, which enables the fullscreen window and makes it more readable on video projectors or large-screen monitors. In addition, you can control the zoom level and use simple buttons to jump between questions.

Closing arguments

Thanks to the wide variety of included question categories and the easy worksheet generation process, Infinite Algebra 2 is a very handy utility to have around. Furthermore, the easy-to-use interface and the vast customization options make it a highly versatile application that can be used in a multitude of situations, whether it is to test your students, or simply to create algebra-related presentations.

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