Create and print orders, invoices and delivery notes, manage accounts, products and customers, with this powerful piece of software.

  • Fakturama
  • Version :1.6.8 / 2.0.0-20150513 Alpha
  • License :Freeware
  • OS :Windows All
  • Publisher :Gerd Bartelt

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Fakturama Description

Fakturama is a powerful application that can help you manage your company’s finances, while also providing features that allow you to keep track of your inventory, services and customers.

You can use it to generate invoices, orders, delivery notes, expense and receipt vouchers, then print them with the use of OpenOffice.

Create product and contact databases

Fakturama allows you to add any kind of products or services, categorize them depending on their type, specify their price, VAT and current stock. It is also possible to add a product picture, to help you recognize them in the future.

Additionally, you can add any number of contacts and enter information that is relevant to processed deliveries or orders. For example, you can specify their preferred payment form, reliability and agreed-upon discount.

Manage finances and export documents

Fakturama can also help you manage your deliveries and payments, as invoices can be marked as ‘paid’ or ‘unpaid’ and orders can be categorized as ‘pending’, ‘processing’ or ‘shipped’.

All your documents are stored in the application’s database and you can view them in a tree-like structure, where they are categorized depending on their current status.

You can also export various items from the program’s database, such as buyers, products, accounts, vouchers, paid or unpaid invoices. If you wish, you can have the application include only documents created between a specific time range.

Lacks adequate documentation

Fakturama is a feature-packed application, but this can only mean that novices need some guidance when first learning to use it. Unfortunately, it lacks any comprehensive English documentation, which would have helped first-time users understand its more advanced functions.

Overall, this is a powerful utility that can help small business owners manage their finances, customers and stocks. It allows you to generate and print various types of financial documents, as well as keep track of shipments and payments.

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