A Windows search alternative that provides filtering capabilities and on-the-spot search results, as well as support for regular expressions.

  • Indexer++
  • Version :0.3 Beta
  • License :Trial
  • OS :Windows All
  • Publisher :Anna Krykora

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Indexer++ Description

The integrated Windows search tool is usually enough for looking up a specific file or a folder, but alternatives are out there for users who want more filters and additional options. One software utility that is worth trying is suggestively called Indexer++.

Quick file search and real-time updating of the search results

With a simple layout and intuitive options, Indexer++ provides support for looking up for files and folders in the entire file system. It parses the master files table directly to retrieve the search results as you type the keyword in the dedicated field. As a consequence, administrator privileges are required to run it.

Relying on the Windows API and STL, the application delivers fast data indexing without putting a strain on the host system.

Apply various filters for a more accurate search

There are a few filtering options you can use to narrow down your search and find what you are looking for much faster. Indexer++ can be configured to match the case in the search keywords or filter the files by their size or by their creation date. Additionally, you can specify a location to browse. Regular expressions support is provided for more experienced users.

One more thing worth mentioning is that Indexer++ extracts information about hidden and system files as well, but you can configure it to exclude such sensitive data.

A good alternative to the Windows search function

Using its filtering system, Indexer++ can easily pinpoint to the file or the directory you are looking for. The search results can be exported to TXT or CSV format, and context menu integration is available for your convenience.

Options such as being able to group the search results by category, such as “music,” “videos,” “pictures,” or “archives”, more exclusion parameters, support for a “Favorite” folder, are just a few of the additional configuration settings that would bring Indexer++ closer to its competitors.

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