FocusOn Renamer

Rename multiple files at the same time by replacing the existing name or providing a completely new one using this straightforward tool.

  • FocusOn Renamer
  • Version:1.1
  • License :Trial
  • OS:Windows All
  • Publisher:Pintosoft

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FocusOn Renamer Description

Considering the amount of music, digital images, videos and documents you can store on your computer, sooner or later you may have to rename all these files for organizational purposes. FocusOn Renamer is a small utility that enables you to batch rename files on your PC without too much hassle.

Drag and drop or add them from the context menu

After a swift and straightforward setup, you are welcomed by a clean and intuitive interface that is unlikely to give you any troubles. Even down the GUI may look stripped-down at first, you should bear in mind that it includes drop-down menus where you can change the case or select the appropriate renaming template.

Convenience is the best word to describe the application, especially as files can be added from the dedicated button within the interface, but also by dragging and dropping or from the Windows Explorer’s context menu.The files are displayed within the dedicated tab in the interface in the order you add them, but you can easily change their position in the list.

Change the case or rename using a template

The highlight of the program stems from the fact that it provides you with endless possibilities when it comes to renaming. For starters, you can type in a keyword or phrase that should be included in the filename. Alternatively, you can replace parts of the name with something more relevant.

The other noteworthy options for renaming include changing the case for the name of the file or the extension. In fact, you can also modify the extension, depending on your project’s requirements. Moreover, you can use one of the several templates available to change the name based on the modified data format, original file extension, folder name, sequence number, file size and different variations of the aforementioned.

A reliable batch renaming application that can save time

All things considered, FocusOn Renamer is a handy tool that enables you to batch rename a vast number of files on your computer based on timestamp, size, sequence numbers or any other criteria that enable you to find them quickly later on.

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