Create transparent links between Adobe InDesign documents and external data with the help of this powerful bi-directional linking tool.

  • InCatalog
  • Version :2.16.2
  • License :Demo
  • OS :Windows All
  • Publisher :em software, inc.

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InCatalog Description

InCatalog is a powerful Adobe InDesign plugin that provides users with the possibility to link documents and external data effortlessly. With the help of this tool, users can create transparent links between the documents created with InDesign and external databases, spreadsheets, and the like.

Courtesy of this tool, users no longer need to enter the same data two times. Furthermore, they can update the documents, or the database and all of the changes will be automatically reflected in the other location without any other user interaction.

All of the created links are visible when working with the InDesign documents or with the linked databases, but can not be seen in the printed layout. What’s more, the plugin allows users to move any linked elements between documents freely without breaking the link.

With the help of InCatalog, users can update data such as prices, graphics, or product information automatically. Moreover, they can take advantage of the tool to swap the necessary details between regions or products automatically.

The utility can be used with all types of catalogs, price lists, schedules, flyers and directories. The software extracts the updated document information and keeps it synchronized automatically. Users can rest assured that the info that interests them is kept updated at all times.

InCatalog comes with an intuitive linking pane that makes it easy for users to establish links between various database and document text elements, regardless of whether a character, a paragraph, a photo, or the entire text.

The plugin also features a library of pre-linked modules, allowing users to take advantage of any of them when creating new documents. Moreover, users can drag modules and can enjoy a single menu selection when matching document elements with corresponding database elements.

System requirements

  • Adobe InDesign

Limitations in the unregistered version

  • Supports a maximum of 50 records per update

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