iClone Character Creator Lite

Take advantage of a comprehensive collection of 3D human characters and customize almost every aspect of them with the help of intuitive and specialized tools by relying on this user-friendly app.

  • iClone Character Creator Lite
  • Version :1.52.2204.1
  • License :Demo
  • OS :Windows All
  • Publisher :Reallusion Inc.

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iClone Character Creator Lite Description

iClone is one of the most novice-accessible and non-intimidating animation production apps that boasts a comprehensive toolset for producing realistic 3D renderings with as little time and effort as possible.

Since the creation of character animations is a relatively specialized task, following the same philosophy towards user-friendliness, the team behind iClone have come up with iClone Character Creator Lite.

Requires a PC with a relatively potent graphics card

Before anything else, you should know that you will need a fairly competent PC in order to take advantage of what this piece of software can offer.

This said, provided that iClone is already installed on your system, the installation process of iClone Character Creator Lite unfolds in a typical manner, just like any other Windows application.

Modern and intuitive GUI

Once installed, you can start working with the tool without having to undergo any configuration. Right off the bat, the tool’s straightforwardness becomes evident, alongside its black-themed and modern-looking interface.

As mentioned before, the main target here was to create a tool that can offer users a wide array of options for character creation but in an intuitive manner. This said, it quickly becomes quite evident that this add-on is actually based on an extensive collection of humanoid and morph models.

Effortlessly customize all aspects of your models, apply make-up, worn-out effects, and even tattoos

You can customize almost every aspect of your models like skin, clothes, hair and accessories to a great extent. Besides the basic shapes from its preset library, you can also adjust individual parts of the body like head, torso, waist, chest, arm, hand, leg and foot.

Tattoos and a versatile make-up system are also something that can add a bit more authenticity to your models. The best part is the fact that you can apply these changes by simply clicking a few buttons or with the help of intuitive sliders.

Create realistic 3D animations of human characters for iClone or other 3D utilities out there

Taking everything into consideration, iClone Character Creator Lite is a streamlined yet comprehensive 3D character animation tool that is well suited for all category of users out there, regardless of their prior experience with similar tools.

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