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Import image files from your computer and convert them in an efficient manner, protect them with watermarks or perform certain adjustments by relying on this application.

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AVS Image Converter Description

Working with multiple document types usually makes it difficult to share your projects or access them from other computers, due to the lack of specific applications.

Fortunately, there is a convenient way to bypass these limitations by relying on third-party software, such as AVS Image Converter. This tool can help you enhance your file’s accessibility by converting it to more efficient formats.

Smooth user interface with plenty of useful functions

This application comes with a minimalistic, sleek layout that encompasses multiple handy features, thus providing you with extensive control over your files.

Thanks to its simplicity, it is possible for many users, regardless of their PC skills, to understand and operate this program to its full extent. In case you encounter difficulties while using it, you can turn to the integrated help manual.

Numerous supported formats and batch processing functions

You can rely on this application if you need a quick, convenient way of converting your image files to a more accessible format, as it can handle a wide variety of formats. Among the file types it supports, you can find BMP, JPEG, PDF, PNG, TIFF, GIF, SWF, PCX, TGA and RAS.

AVS Image Converter allows you to handle multiple files at once, as it features batch processing capabilities. You can add a whole folder’s worth of files, specify the desired output format and destination and the program starts processing them.

Perform image adjustments or watermark your content

Aside from its efficient conversion functions, this program also allows you to adjust certain image properties, such as brightness, contrast, saturation or hue. It is also possible to select from a wide variety of filters and effects that you can easily apply to your document.

Additionally, the application allows you to protect your files by watermarking them. You can choose between importing an image on your computer or typing a custom text for this operation.

To sum it up, AVS Image Converter is a reliable tool that can help you convert your image files to more accessible formats while also allowing you to adjust image properties and add watermarks.

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